PEARL-LO blk, S3
Non-Metallic manager shoe
Dark brown or black 
Size 36-47

PU/TPU: all terrain TPU technology consists of a lightweight, shock absorbing low density Polyurethane (PU) inner sole and a high density hardwearing Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) outer sole.
Kevlar anti-perforation midsole offering light weight and flexibility.
Antistatic insole board.
Super-soft premoulded EVA  cushioned footbed reducing lower leg and foot fatigue.
Outsole is heat resistant to 160°C surface contact.
Superior cut, split and crack resistant sole.
Sole resistant to mineral and organic oils, acids and alkalis.

Premium cowhide with reflective PU for high visibility.
Mesh lining with effective sweat ventilation.
Hi-impact Non-Metallic Composite Toe Cap with wide profile shape to suit your foot and allows greater comfort.
Toe cap impact resistant up to 200J.
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